Who We Are

We are the Rock Lake United Church Camp Society (a not-for-profit organization registered in the Province of British Columbia).  We operate a Church Summer Camp and an eighty-three site Campground on the property known as Rock Lake Camp which is located in southeastern British Columbia two miles south of Highway #3 between the towns of Elko & Jaffray.  Our camp is fully accredited by both the United Church of Canada and the British Columbia Camping Association.

Situated in a rustic setting with its own private lake (Darling Lake on the map if you are looking to find us), the camp can accommodate up to 45 campers in 7 cabins. Each cabin during the junior camps has a trained Cabin Leader in with them. In addition to the campers’ cabins there is a combination dining hall/meeting hall, first aid station, outdoor chapel and leaders’ cabins. The camp has modern washhouse facilities.

The Certificate of Title for Rock Lake United Church Camp is held in trust by the United Church of Canada. Authority for operating the Camp is designated to the Rock Lake United Church Camp Board. The administration of this authority is carried out by up to three elected representatives of the United Church of Canada pastoral charges of Cranbrook, Creston, Fernie, Grasmere, Jaffray, Kimberley and Windermere Valley Shared Ministry operating as the Rock Lake United Church Camp Board.


We believe that valuable spiritual and recreational experiences can be obtained in the outdoor wilderness retreat setting of Rock Lake United Church Camp, removed from the everyday care and routines of life, in the company of others who are seeking recreation and re‑creation in the truest sense.

Mission Statement

Rock Lake United Church Camp will . . .

 . . . provide a safe gathering place to help everyone who attends to grow socially, mentally, and  spiritually while having fun in God’s creation;

. . . create an accepting environment where all people are acknowledged as unique, important and capable, focusing on love, acceptance and respect for each other;

. . . offer our hospitality to groups who desire to provide programs and activities in the natural setting of our camp; and

. . . further the outdoor ministry of the United Church of Canada.