Camp Staff

Each year the Rock Lake United Church Society sponsors a Junior Camp for campers entering grades four through seven. During this camp we offer a Cabin Leader Training Program for kids too old to camp, but not yet ready to become Cabin Leaders.

Often we are looking for staff for these camps and regardless are always interested in talking with those who feel called to the mission of Christian Camping.

Our camps are supervised by a Camp Director who is appointed by the Rock Lake United Church Camp Society.  In turn, the Camp Director selects fully qualified waterfront personnel, a camp nurse, experienced kitchen staff and other adult leaders as are necessary. In addition, a fully trained Cabin Leader leads each cabin of up to six campers.

The selection of fully qualified staff is done with respect to Faithful Footsteps . . . Screening Procedures for Positions of Trust and Authority in The United Church of Canada: A Handbook.

If you might be interested in this ministry or would like to learn what’s involved click on the appropriate Job description, then forward a Adult Leader Application & Health Information Form or a Cabin Leader Application & Health Information Form to the Camp Director.

The following is an addendum to the Camp Director’s & Camp Assistant Director’s Job Description:

Risk Management

The following are applicable to all jobs:

Challenge By Choice

Limits & Boundries

Relationship of Position to Goals of Camp

Responsibilities – (Applicable to All Positions)

RLUCC Organizational Chart

The Following are the Individual Job Descriptions

Activity Leader


Cabin Leader

Cabin Leader Supervisor

Camp Director



Cook’s Assistant

Kitchen Dishwasher



Prayer Coordinator


Members & Directors of the Board