Our menu plans have been developed by trial and error over the past 25 plus years.  We have come to learn most of the Junior Camper’s likes and dislikes, although you are never really sure!  What follows is a sample menu and recipes covering eight weeks of camps with lots to choose from.  Most recipes, originally gathered from outside sources, have been tried at camp.  Just about all have been adjusted as to quantities and ingredients to reflect what the Junior Camper finds interesting.  Getting everyone at camp to eat the same meal has often proven to be a challenge, so there is always a choice – if they don’t like the entrée maybe they will eat the vegetables!

We do follow a few rules.  We serve milk and real fruit juice once a day.  We have roughage at every meal.  We never serve ‘Rocket Fuel’ (powdered drinks) as they get the kids too hyper.  We are a nut free camp substituting raisins for the most part when a recipe calls for nuts.  We plan our menus as nutritious yet fun and interesting for the campers.  We save our fancy meals for training sessions when we are just feeding adults.

Remember kids like choices!  You are better off putting out the ingredients where possible and let them build their own meal (like a salad, or a taco, or a sandwich, etc.)

Feel free to change these as you wish and feedback, positive or negative, would be appreciated.

Click here for a Sample Menu Plan 

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